• does irish shamrock grow in england

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    It is a commonly held belief that Shamrock only grows in Ireland.

    Well, that may generally be the case, in the wild.

    But my relatives bought me some shamrock seeds,  they were in fact in a compost growing kit, with the brand name of Chatsworth, and after about a week, sure enough there was some signs of seedlings appearing.

    At first they were just a single leaf…but…then, after a few more days, they¬†split into the familiar three leaf shape.

    I have taken a photograph of them thriving on my kitchen window sill in Nottingham… for now, we can say that, yes, it appears that irish shamrocks grow in england.

    Legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock to illustrate the Concept of the Holy Trinity, and it has become so associated with Ireland, that, the Irish Government have in fact registered the shamrock as a Trade Mark, and many companies, including, the Irish Tourist Board, ‘Bord Failte’ Aer Lingus, and of Course McCrorys Removals use the shamrock symbol for branding.

    Hopefully our attempts at growing the shamrock outside Ireland will be short lived, and will only live indoors long enough to be worn on the next St Patricks day parade.

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