• Even Brian Clough Moved to Nottingham

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    I have travelled in remote parts of Africa, and accross the Sahara Desert, to places where many people have only a vague idea of where or what England is.

    But, as soon as you mention that you live in Nottingham you would get the response, instantly,  ‘Nottingham Forest’.

    And that was often from people who spoke no english and, although they may not have had electricity at home, they would pay the bus fare, to travel to a distant village to watch old football games on video at cafes, often featuring Forest Games.

    Admitedly, that was about thirty years ago.

    And the person most closely associated with Nottingham’s success was, of course, Brian Clough, oftimes mispelt Bryan Clough.

    He was born in Middlesbrough and after Sunderland, he moved to Derby and then to Nottingham.

    Clough certainly left his mark on Nottingham, and there are even street names commemorating his success, including the stretch of dual carriageway near Stapleford called Brian Clough Way.

    The Brian Clough Way may not have been everyones way,  as he certainly knew how to be provocative, but as well as ruffling  feathers, for many people, for others he certainly had Winning Ways.

    And, now there is even a Statue of Brian Clough raised above the Market Square and the Council House in Nottingham.

    He has made his mark permanently in this midlands city, more than a hundred miles from his Middlesbrough Birth place, and even made an impression on locals in small villages in Mauritania.

    And for those real devotees, he is still often described as the England Football Manager that never was.

    And Brian Clough was not the first person to decide that Moving To Nottingham was a great idea


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