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    Formerly known as The Pilgrim, the reason this world famous Inn was given the curious name, was that the word Trip meant Rest, and when the Nottingham Castle, built just above the ‘Trip’ was established in the 11th  Century, it is well known that the drinking water was unsafe, so the Inn was needed to brew and supply a safe alternative to water.

    And since the castle was used by the Knights of King Richard, Known as ‘The Lionheart’,  and it was in fact a favoured fortified meeting place for Richard, when the Crusading Knights would be leaving Nottingham to embark on their Pilgrimage, they would visit the Inn to have ‘One for the road’, and so it was thus named  ‘Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem’.

    The present day Nottingham Castle still towers above the Inn, and the rock that the castle is perched upon has an elaborate network of caves, including one ‘vertical’ cave that  was believed to act as a chimney for the Brew House and can be seen to ‘exit’ near the castle walls.

    The Inn, which is reputed to be the oldest drinking establishment in England, has its own network of caves, and, at certain times, there are tours arranged for visitors.

    Apparently there are many ghosts, and former landlords from historical times, have been seen to appear to those who are susceptible to the powers of  such Spirits, but it could perhaps be easier to enjoy this added attraction with a few samples of the local ales.

    As with many such local landmarks, it is mostly visitors to Nottingham, that appreciate this quaint structure.

    Once you have moved to the city of Nottingham it is easy to forget what an interesting place it is.


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